Hamburgers and Wood Smoke

Hamburgers and Wood Smoke

Some of the greatest food can be very simple – home made hamburgers with a touch of eucalyptus smoke, tucked in a fresh bread roll with crispy salad …
… and cooked and eaten in the fresh Tasmanian air.
What more could one ask for?
Well our wonderful chefs were aged 6 to 13 learning lots about good food and the joy of cooking!

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Who needs artificial colouring!

Who needs artificial colouring!

Amazing what colours nature produces – crunchy purple cabbage, sweet bright orange carrots and peppery dark green spring onions with sparkling yellow lemon wedges and soft green fresh picked basil = a Tasmanian rainbow coleslaw with no artificial additives – yum!

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Life in the Long Grass

Life in the Long Grass

These two beautiful Tasmanian hares were spotted playing in the long grass at my brother’s property just outside Sorell heading towards the East Coast. These guys are so much bigger than rabbits.

Every time they appear people start talking about jugged hare; while I am not vegetarian and do not object to game I am sorry but I belong to the “pick on rabbits” camp – there are way more of them and they are a pest to native wildlife in many areas.

Mind you – got to catch your hare before you can jug it …

Jay – on the side of the hare!

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Sunflowers in conversation

Sunflowers in conversation

Two old ladies deep in conversation – showing the ravages of time, perhaps no longer in their prime but still with much to share, including the seeds of a new generation.

Beyond Blue!


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Beans are flowers too!

Beans are flowers too!

In a garden near me – a place that I take great joy in and am privileged to have a small part in – these beautiful scarlet runner beans emerge from a bed of cottage garden flowers and aren’t they stunning!

Too often we segregate our plants saying things like ‘that is a vegetable it doesn’t belong in the flower garden’ or “You can’t grow vegies in the front yard!” To both I would say “Why not?”

Jay on a rant!

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Orchids – love them!

Orchids - love them!

Perhaps my all time favourite family of flowers – orchids. Not the big showy ones but the small delicate flowers that are an integral part of the endemic flora of Tasmania where we live and the mediterranean where I spent much of my childhood. This summer we had a magnificent display of these striking hyacinth orchids in larger numbers than I ever remember seeing in our bush garden.

Jay – orchid lover

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A big beautiful edible thistle!

A big beautiful edible thistle!

I just love these plants – gorgeous leaves, fill the space, stunning flowers and then those wonderful edible buds. Lightly steamed, peeling off the leaflets and dipping the base of each in melted butter with a little ground black pepper and nibbling at the tender section, working your way in to the heart of the flower bud and finishing with a couple of mouthfuls of the absolute centre with its particular delicate flavour. I reckon exquisite; my daughter says what a lot of effort for so little return! Artichokes – love them – or not!

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Why deadwood on the ground is vital

Why deadwood on the ground is vital

While there are many good reasons for reducing the litter on a bush block there are also some excellent reasons for leaving some! On our last visit to our bush garden this beautiful echidna – one of the biggest I have ever seen there – was pretending he was invisible. If we hadn’t seen him climb in under the pile he more or less would have been!

Jay on the look out – take time to enjoy the Garden!

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Life in our other Garden

Life in our other Garden

It has been quite a while since we visited our blog because life out there has been very busy! One thing that has suffered has been our garden, or more accurately our gardens! We have shared our domestic garden but we are also privileged to have a wonderful bush garden on Tasmania’s East Coast. Recently we even got to spend some time there and get reacquainted with some of the permanent residents including this beautiful kookaburra!

Hopefully we will be back sooner than last time.

Jay and Jey

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A name for the third?

These three will make a great salad together  what we want to know is the name of the purple red plant on the left.  We were given one of these by a friend two years ago and the plant went o seed. last year we had one plant come up and it wen t to seed.  This year we have dozens of them and noone can remember the name.  they have proved quite popular in salad and in stir fry.

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