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A name for the third?

These three will make a great salad together  what we want to know is the name of the purple red plant on the left.  We were given one of these by a friend two years ago and the plant went o seed. last year we had one plant come up and it wen t to seed.  This year we have dozens of them and noone can remember the name.  they have proved quite popular in salad and in stir fry.


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Which asian salad green is this?

This asian salad green was part os a mixed pun net – leaves are about ten centimetres long. Has any one got a name for it?

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A Growing Salad!

So back to the salad which is growing a pace despite being picked on a regular basis!  It is amazing how salad greens grow once they get going at this time of the year.  This patch was planted so that we could pick a mixed salad straight from the patch. At the moment it has silver beet, rainbow chard, kale, mignonette lettuce, cos lettuce, several undefined lettuces both red and green, spinach, mizuna, mustard, spring onions, rocket, oregano, parsley both italian and curled, bok choy and celery. Plus a couple of things for which I don’t have names. We will post pictures of them sometime to see if anyone has names to offer.

The other night instead of as salad greens we had the flowering mizuna stems, spinach and silver beet as part of a stir fried vegetables on rice. beautiful and straight from the garden in to the pan!

World according to Jay

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They’re Round and They’re Bigger at the Bottom

You guessed it. Eggs!

We’ve had chicken for over 3 years now. We own 3 fully grown hens and 3 pullets. Pullets are teenage hens.

On average we get 2 eggs per day. The reason we don’t get 6 a day is that our pullets are only just getting to the stage where they are capable of laying, and our older hens are senile and have troubles keeping up to the quota.

But all in all keeping chickens is fun and economical.

Mainly we have Barnavelder crosses. They lay chubbily, small, dark brown eggs.

The world Jey’s way

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