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Salad Days

This year we got it together!  The first seedlings went in the ground in the last days of August and by early September we had quite a lot in the ground. By mid October we had the start of a respectable salad patch seen here and started to eat our own salad greens again.

So what changed – the weather has been kind this year which has been a good start.  The pressure has been on in the world of ‘work’ so gardening has been a contrast – a creativity of a different kind and good hard work in the outdoors.

And we got it together, together – that is mother and daughter decided at the same time to put priority on our garden as an integral part of our lives.  With forty years between us and sixty six together we have a wealth of passion and enthusiasm when we work as a team!

So this is Jay and Jey in partnership seeing what we can do with our garden. We thought it might be fun to find a way of sharing our garden with some of our family and friends who can’t get round to see it – hence this blog.

And as home educators with a passion for macs and all things ‘i’ this is also a great piece of education in action!

The world according to Jay


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