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Why deadwood on the ground is vital

Why deadwood on the ground is vital

While there are many good reasons for reducing the litter on a bush block there are also some excellent reasons for leaving some! On our last visit to our bush garden this beautiful echidna – one of the biggest I have ever seen there – was pretending he was invisible. If we hadn’t seen him climb in under the pile he more or less would have been!

Jay on the look out – take time to enjoy the Garden!


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Life in our other Garden

Life in our other Garden

It has been quite a while since we visited our blog because life out there has been very busy! One thing that has suffered has been our garden, or more accurately our gardens! We have shared our domestic garden but we are also privileged to have a wonderful bush garden on Tasmania’s East Coast. Recently we even got to spend some time there and get reacquainted with some of the permanent residents including this beautiful kookaburra!

Hopefully we will be back sooner than last time.

Jay and Jey

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